the thought of you is very calming… it makes me happy

me: what did one bear say to the other?
you: what?
me: mgrawollllll!!!!!
you:… yup…. 

fuck yeah! i found a skittle!.. no.. wait.. no that’s a dead lady bug….. *i wonder if it still tastes like a skittle*…. no.. no it does not.

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i’m honestly super bored… but i’m supposed to be going to sleep right now.. because…. idk.. not having bags under my eyes? yeah we’ll go with that

the only thing more pointless than living creatures is actually thinking about how pointless we are in the macrocosm of creation.. because as a human our macrocosm is only as great as the reach of our arm and that is relatively restricted… and meeting people like you is what makes making the most out of this apparent ineffectual existence worth while… and rewarding………………… in other words, i’m just trying to sound smart and deep because its late and i need to do stuff so i won’t have to go to sleep

living creatures are so pointless. people go to school to have a good life, or to help save the planet so that the following generations can have a good life. rulers come and go, we fight over specs of land full of a population that couldn’t care less who rules them as long as its not the current regime. we search for life on other planets to make our stay here seem more meaningful, we make up horrible stories of these creatures to justify our own shitty culture. we kill animals to eat and ridicule those who eat them, all in in an attempt to save a population of lesser creatures on a planet filled with other animals just as edible. we pretend that in the grand scheme of things, what we do is actually important and has a huge effect on the grand design, but all in all. we are one of millions of species on a tiny planet in a tiny galaxy in a tiny solar system in an endless galaxy… earth is just an electron spinning around the nucleus of an atom in a spec of dust on a thread in the endless ever expanding tapestry of everything. 

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well… after that battle of wits… i feel like a witless hack